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Texi Integra 5 coverlock, kombinationsmaskin, overlock, coverstitch. 2-nålig

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Artikelnummer: TE1262




Texi Integra 5 - the machine which combines 2 functions: overlock and coverlock plus it has 17 different kinds of stitches. The overlock function is used to simultaneously overcast and stitch together the edges of the sewn fabric. The coverlock function allows to overcast using ladder and chain stitch.
This machine gives you unlimited possibilities to realize a project on a professional level. Thanks to Texi Intera 5 you will improve the quality of sewn clothes and other projects.
2, 3, 4-thread overlock for sewing with hemstitch, overlock and decorative stitches. Texi Tegra 4 works well with different kinds of fabrics: from thin tulle to thick knitted fabrics.
The colourful threading scheme and clear manual gives confidence that the machine is easy to use.

Main functions:
13 kinds of stitches:
1. 4-thread overlock stitch
2. 3-thread wide overlock stitch
3. 3-thread narrow overlock stitch
4. 3-thread wide overcasting overlock stitch
5. 3-thread narrow overcasting overlock stitch
6. 3-thread decorative stitch
7. 3-thread ruffling stitch
8. 3-thread ruffling overlock stitch
9. 2-thread wide overlock stitch
10. 2-thread narrow overlock stitch
11. 2-thread wide overlock stitch
12. 2-thread narrow overlock stitch, hemstitch
13. 2-thread ruffling stitch, hemstitch

Voltage: 230V